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One by Breena Nuñez & Lawrence Lindell

One by Breena Nuñez & Lawrence Lindell

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In side-by-side comics, Breena Nuñez and Lawrence Lindell explore love in their minicomic, One.

Lawrence’s comic features many people exploring different aspects of loving others, whether through romance, friendship, family, fellowship, or love within your community or across all humanity. Lawrence’s characters embrace outward love.

Breena’s comic presents a dream investigation of self-love. A voice encourages her to embrace the light that shines within her, and all of the good she brings to the world.

A beautiful pairing and inventive presentation, Lawrence and Breena’s love for self and for others, and for the struggle and joy of life radiate from the pages of One!


Self-Published by the folks over at Laneha House!

DIMENSIONS 5.5 × 8.5 × .125 in
COVER Black & White
BINDING Saddle Stitched with French Flaps
ISBN 9781736113523

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