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NIGHT CRUISING by Harry Nordlinger

NIGHT CRUISING by Harry Nordlinger

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Night Cruising tells the story of Ricky, a rebellious youth, getting up to no good on the dizzying highways of LA county late at night.

Written and drawn by Harry Nordlinger, Night Cruising is a dark and harrowing comic, about the things that go on in our vast urban sprawl, when everyone else is asleep. A story of lights, shadows, and everything that lives in between, told in dazzling black and white chiaroscuro.

Harry Nordlinger is an artist, cartoonist and illustrator from San Francisco, California. He does commission work for bands, movie theaters and other local businesses, as well as self publishing his own comic series, Softer Than Sunshine, and the dread filled anthology, Vacuum Decay.

24 pages, 7" x 9", b&w

Published by Floating World Comics

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