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My Thousandth Coming out - Autistic unmasking by Cocomoino

My Thousandth Coming out - Autistic unmasking by Cocomoino

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... and all the others to come.

Cocomoino designed this flashy risograph zine on unmasking and coming out as an autistic person with much love. They hope it can offer some comfort or joy, for yourself or as a gift for your neurodivergent friends and loved ones.

In this 16 pages illustrated zine, she shares thoughts on their own coming outs: the interpersonal ones, the "official ones" and even the public one, which they call "the mother of all the unmaskings". You'll find thoughts and reactions from others as well!

Risograph zines are JUICY! Look at the flashy pink! They hope the colors won't be distressing for you, as for them, they are a real stim!

Printed by a woman-run, queer friendly and local risograph studio in Berlin. Risograph printing (and their own homemade binding) offer the zine the perfect charm of imperfection, and rendering each one unique!

Check out her website!

And their instagram!

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