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MOAB by Mara Ramirez


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Moab is a 168 page ethereal, experimental, and autobiographical comic that focuses on a couple whose relationship is deteriorating, as they traverse a desert evocative of the characters internal landscape. the story takes place surrounding the solar eclipse that took place on august 21, 2017.

The setting is sacred ancestral land of the núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (ute) community in a place that is known to many as Moab, Utah, and the lonely roads that lead back to home. This book is the physical residue of the cognitive processing of a long, tenuous, exhausting relationship and it's messy and quiet end. My mark making is my thought process, and i contemplate god for the first time in my life, seeing the rocks of arches national park change before my eyes in the blue light of the eclipse. We get lost in the desert on the back country trail, run out of water, somehow find our way back, only to endanger animals who are used to living without the presence of fast cars and speed demons on highway 72: the loneliest road in America. 


Self published by the artist.