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Meat 4 Burgers: Welcome to Burgertory by Becca Kubrick and Christof Bogacs

Meat 4 Burgers: Welcome to Burgertory by Becca Kubrick and Christof Bogacs

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When Trace wakes up in VAL-U-BURGER™ they have no idea how they got there and no memory of who they are. This is the FULL collected edition, with tons of cool bonus content and art!

The rest of the employees seem pretty blasé about the whole thing. Turns out the same thing happened to them too…

M4B is an ode to indie and punk comix of the past; it's drawn feverishly between bigger projects and is kept fast and loose. It was born out of a desire to do something fun and weird right then and there, rather than waiting for the go-ahead from anyone else. 

Featuring sentient bathrooms, childhood trauma and burgers!

Self published by the artists.


Beck Kubrick is a writer, cartoonist and freak from Manchester, UK. They like comedy, horror and thinking about the apocalypse. They are one of Broken Frontier’s 2023 ‘six artists to watch’ and their recent short, Dead Girls: Beach day was listed on the ‘Ten UK Small Press Comics You Need to Own’ list. Beck’s self published debut, Coby, Alone was just shy of one thousand percent funded via kickstarter and received nominations for the MICE shorts award and Broken Pencil’s comic awards. 

They are also the artist on the independent series, Meat4Burgers and they are currently working on three (very exciting) secret projects. Their work has been described as 'horrifying, yet charming' and they have worked with Cartoon Network, Oni Press and MadCave Studios.


Christof Bogacs  a comic book and video game writer based in Sydney, Australia. He has written comics in anthologies published by Blueprint comics (Meet me in the pit), Image comics (24Panels), Gestalt (Axiom, upcoming) and AWBW (DeadBeats).

His debut graphic novel Under Kingdom was released by Dark Horse comics in April 2023, with Earth to Chris Cleevy, a graphic novel dealing with childhood OCD, due out from HarperAlley in 2024. 

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