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Many Monsters - A6 risograph art zine by C.A. Hiley

Many Monsters - A6 risograph art zine by C.A. Hiley

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A zine and a game in one! This fold out art zine is full of monsters. Each page has one monster, illustrating perhaps a character type or a state of mind. When unfolded, the zine shows a large maze: can you navigate your way through the maze, avoiding the monsters within and without?

Drawing on their lifelong love of medieval monsters and bestiaries (with a nod to the "Kennicott Bible" in particular), this zine considers various monsters we meet in our daily lives, at work, school, on the internet, and within ourselves.

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Risograph-printed Folded Zine
A6 / 105mm x 147mm (A3 / 297mm x 420mm unfolded)
2nd edition of 250, signed & numbered
120gsm Cairn Straw white paper 

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