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MANO SINISTRA NecroBriscola RPG Rule Book

MANO SINISTRA NecroBriscola RPG Rule Book

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- the 136 pages RULEBOOK
17x24 cm format
offset full color printing on Magno usomano paper by 140g
stitched binding
UV spot on the cover
- The Four Pastures MAP
34x48cm size
- the NecroBriscola Deck
40 extreme high quality PVC cards
produced in partnership with Dal Negro
(the historical Italian playing cards company)

“Make diabolical pacts.
Gather the fragments of the 4 suits.
Unleash apocalypses.
Play your cards in the hell of the 4 pastures.”

MANO SINISTRA – NecroBriscola RPG is the first role-playing game published by Hollow Press, created by Ignoranza Eroica and illustrated by David Genchi.

It is a hellish adventure OSR game, designed to manage a game master (called the Dealer) and 1 to 5 players (called Doomlichs) in the setting of the Four Pastures.
The Doomlichs play the part of damned adventurers exploring the Four Pastures pursuing the lost Fragments of the 4 Suits.
The Four Pastures are a hellish netherworld generating apocalypses. Brutal, corrupted lands inhabited by Devils and Inhumans, arcane treasures and unspeakable monstrosities.
Together with the complete rulebook, a deck of NecroBriscola minor arcana, produced in partnership with Dal Negro, the historical Italian playing cards company.

From Hollow Press in Italy

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