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M33: Galaxy of Hybrids by Natalie McKean

M33: Galaxy of Hybrids by Natalie McKean

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Issue 1 of the new sci-fi comic series, M33: Galaxy of Hybrids.

44 satin pages of vividly colored artwork with a thick gloss cover and bound spine.

“Somewhere amongst the stars an alien awakens. Alone and unsure of their past, they are soon discovered by an ominous ship and are quickly indoctrinated into the crew. Life becomes monotonous, until one day when they meet a beautiful and mysterious Grey alien who is soon to change their whole existence.”

Created, written and drawn by Natalie McKean

Colored by Ivet Hal

Featuring bonus art and comics from guest artists; Jahla Brown, Madelynn Montejano, Donald Arrodondo, Hikaru Just, Ivet Hal and Legends of Leaf

Sized to US standard comic: 6.625 x 10.25”

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