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Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu Vol. 2 by Junko Mizuno

Last Gasp

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NSFW Adults Only

Adventures of a space alien in search of love in an off-kilter Tokyo!

Pelu, the cute and fluffy gigolo from outer space, is back, determined to find himself true happiness in the form of a human bride.

Pelu’s quest to have a child continues to unfold across a surreal Tokyo cityscape populated by mythological creatures, loveable losers, living puppets, nymphomaniacs, and a visitor from Pelu’s own home world. Will Pelu finally gain the confidence to woo a bride? Can Pelu finally find a girl willing to stick around long enough to have his baby?

In Volume 1, our hero’s search took him from the surface of his fantastic alien planet to an off-kilter modern Japan.

Artist Junko Mizuno unleashes her unique graphic storytelling sensibilities on a tale that’s frequently adorable, sometimes grotesque, and surprisingly moving.

  • 168 pages
  • Perfectbound
  • Black and white
  • 10.0″ x 8.0″
  • 978-0-86719-743-3

Published by Last Gasp.