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Last Chance to Find Duke by Shang Zhang

Last Chance to Find Duke by Shang Zhang

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Insect researcher No. 063 has one last chance to find "Duke", a rare species of cricket whose chirping sounds like jazz; if he doesn't find it the institute for Studying Extraordinary Creatures will cut funding for his research. The success of fellow researchers and his own self-doubt weigh heavy on 063 as he sets out on a journey to the mountains where Duke last was seen.

Shang Zhang is an artist and animator from China who lives and operates from France. Together with his wife they run the studio Papayep where they do everything from comics to animations.


(2022) 15 cm x 21 cm / 2 colors / right-to-left reading direction

216 pages | Adventure / Nature / Explorer / Inner peace / Hamburgers


Published by Peow Studio.

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