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Junko Mizuno's Hell Ladies

Junko Mizuno's Hell Ladies

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A collection of Junko Mizuno’s early works at the start of her professional career. Her powerful female characters with a transgressive twist in a brightly colored fantasy world fascinated audiences in Japan.

Featuring the distinctive, delicious and disturbing art of Japanese artist Junko Mizuno, Hell Ladies presents a collection of her early works (1998-2001) of brightly colored, manga-inspired girls with a transgressive twist, playing with razor blades or butcher knives with rattlesnakes in their hair.

Junko Mizuno is notable for her psychedelic flair, mixing sweetness with horror and feminine sexuality – juxtaposing the hyper-cute with the grotesque. For mature readers.

Paperback | $29.99
Published by Titan Comics
Nov 12, 2019 | 112 Pages | ISBN 9781787730908

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