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ish by Adam de Souza

Silver Sprocket

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An evocative and contemplative collection of short comics from cartoonist Adam de Souza, ish explores the complicated nature of grief through a series of loosely connected vignettes. Each brief glimpse brings another layer to the nuances of healing—from the deep muck of despair to unexpected joys—all told with care and thoughtfulness that shows through the page.

The Doug Wright Award for Emerging Talent Nominee 2023

"De Souza’s fragmented but emotionally coherent comics debut delivers an unusually poignant collage of grief." – Publishers Weekly

"Ish is tender: with your feelings, with you, with itself. An examination of loss and the space surrounding it, Ish cradles you carefully, its almost-oversized pages giving de Souza’s work room to be and breathe." – Jules Brown, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Best of 2022

“A delicate and meandering quilt of self-reflection, memory, and uncertainty—both in the internal and worldly sense. At times indefinite (but never detached), and at others more tangible, Adam de Souza is a master at grabbing hold of a thread and weaving it through a patchwork of different voices, settings, and anxieties. His work makes for a wonderful compilation of comics that is striking and poignant.” – Elle Shivers, The Sucker

56 Full-color pages; 8” x 10”; ISBN: 978-1-945509-88-9; SRP: $14.99; Release date: 4/27/2022