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How The Octopus Lost Its Shell by Danna Staaf and S.S. Julian


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Howdy Nation! Today, we are showcasing our first-ever octopus comic book: “How The Octopus Lost Its Shell”. This series is adapted from Monarchs Of The Sea: The Extraordinary 500-Million-Year History of Cephalopods!

In this comic, you’ll be joining the cephalopods at the beginning of time and its journey to lose its shell. It all starts when the first mollusk, once a shelled creature, loses its hard exterior!

A lot of changes come with the loss of its shell. Cephalopods must now learn how to survive in the open ocean without their protector. Through trial and error, the cephalopod will eventually figure out how to become a masterful hunter and trickster of the sea.

The comic follows their transformation, showcasing amazing feats of camouflage, escape tactics, and hunting skills that these cephalopods possess.