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Horror Movie Tinder by Tori Bowler

Horror Movie Tinder by Tori Bowler

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It Starts With a Swipe and Ends With a Slash!

Ever wanted to date your favorite horror movie character? Now's the chance to get to know them like you've never known them before. Swipe through the dating profiles of your favorite horror movie monsters, villains, and protagonists! 

"Horror Movie Tinder will have you in stitches...horror fans will appreciate its mix of deep cuts and icons from your favorite slashers, creature features, and more. Trust me, y'all are gonna want to swipe right on this one."

-Ashley Robin Franklin, The Hills of Estrella Roja

Each copy includes a scannable Spotify playlist with the favorite songs of each character, as listed on their profile!

Take a peek and see if you'd swipe right ;)

-56 pages in full color!

-54 horror movie characters!

IG: Delightful.horror

Check out their website for more art!

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