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Hell Farm: A Collaborative Zine by Frog Farm

Hell Farm: A Collaborative Zine by Frog Farm

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Scientists have set up a research lab on Frog Farm to investigate its mysterious past. Human researchers are discovering that they now stand on the site of an ancient, once-thriving advanced civilization, home to highly evolved frog-like beings. Though this civilization has long since come to pass, frog spirits still inhabit the land, communing with those who enter. But the frogs hesitate to trust these human researchers…and maybe for a good reason.

A collab zine made between Frog Fram and Hellavision Television with a story told over 46 images from 46 contributors.

Printed with pink and green interior sheets with teal and orange riso ink. natural card stock cover.

28 pages, 8.5 x 5.5!
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