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Handmade Face Masks by KC


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Handmade is San Francisco, CA!
Masks are one size fits most. This mask is cut with a generous curve to allow a little space between your nose/mouth and the fabric, which many find more comfortable than flat panel masks. This mask measures roughly 6 inches from cheek to nose, 6 inches from top of nose to bottom of chin.

Masks are one layer of high quality cotton with a liner of soft natural cotton muslin (Note: the Black/Gold and Black Bunny masks are lined with black cotton). This mask has an integral wire nose bridge (really helps stop glasses from fogging up!). This mask also has extra long open ended elastic straps. This allows you to adjust to find a right fit - just throw an overhand knot in, trim, and wear them as either around-the-ear or around-the-head straps.

Hand wash in mild detergent, air dry.