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Attaboy's Gooberry - Plush

Attaboy's Gooberry - Plush

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Each Gooberry has been freshly picked from a secret Gooberry Patch before ripening just for you!

Truely an interactive experience, the Gooberry is the first designer plush to feature a pull-string sound box and squeakers!

Measuring 12.5 inches tall, the Gooberry squeaks in pain when you squeeze her pinchers, and cowers in fear from your every snuggle.

Like a newborn's skull, their soft skin has yet to be fully formed, so a Gooberry is very impressionable and extra-sensitive to your each and every touch!

Please, please, DO NOT attempt to eat a Goobery, as they taste like strawberry whipped crème.

DO NOT pull a Gooberry's string, as each pull, although wholly satisfying to you, brings the Gooberry that much closer to a most painful death.

The Gooberry is Attaboy‘s latest creation, eagerly anticipated from fans who know him from various projects such as his art shows and limited sculptures, the animated ”Too Many Robots“ and the critically acclaimed under the counter-culture magazine Hi Fructose co-founded with his fiance Annie Owens.

Attaboy is also the creative genius behind the coveted Axtrx designer toy, and his own Dunny from Kid Robot.

The Gooberry is Silver Sprocket‘s first project with Attaboy, and first foray into the world of designer plush, though Attaboy and Springman Records/Silver Sprocket’s founder Avi Ehrlich have been crossing paths for over ten years all over the San Francisco bay area art and music scene.

Springman/Silver Sprocket's involvement with the Gooberry isn't much of a stretch, as Attaboy’s old band Attaboy and Burke has performed with the label's science-punk act The Phenomenauts, and the ska-punk band Pain remains one of Attaboy's favorite choices for music to play while creating.

THE GOOBERRY IS NOT A TOY. This is an art collectable and not intended for anyone age 15 or younger.

Designed and created by Attaboy © 2009
Gooberry Patch Photo by Brian McCarty

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