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Going Wodwo by Ari S. Mulch

Toxic Metal Press

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Ari S. Mulch brings another chapter in Agrafena’s misfortune in Going Wodwo: Place of Honor. In a far off time when man's works have crumbled sparks of life yet remain, and great horrors too. Exiled to wander the wastes, our hero stumbles upon a compound nestled in a forest of massive thorns. It's safe above, but what danger lurks below? 70 pages.

"A chilling vision of the post-apocalyptic horsegirl mindbreak radiation death yuri world future" -Lane "Ugly Girl Swag" Lincecum

"It's like if Mad-Max was set in the midwest. And there were no cars. And Max was a goth lesbian" -Ari "Slicer" Mulch, Autho