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Goblin Girl by Moa Romanova

Goblin Girl by Moa Romanova

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A highly relatable work of semi-auto-bio, Goblin Girl announces Romanova as a promising new graphic novelist.

Moa is in crisis. Suffering from increasing panic attacks and depression, she continues to withdraw from everything and everyone around her. In the midst of this, she meets an older man online— a public figure who offers his financial and emotional support as a patron of her art. But this seemingly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity soon proves to be just as fraught as the rest of her life.

Thought-provoking, funny, and highly relatable, Goblin Girl is a remarkable work of autobiography that upends expectations at every turn and finds grace in the unlikeliest corners of the human condition.

Translated by Melissa Bowers.

Published by Fantagraphics

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