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Glaeolia 1 by Various

Glacier Bay Books

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Glaeolia 1 features works from: Arantoochika, Hiuchi tana, Kawakatsu Tokushige, Masumura Jūshichi, mogcom, Moriizumi Takehito, Morita Rui, Okuda Akiko, Onta Niwako, Shinnosuke Saika, Yamakawa Naoto, Yosomachi, with cover artwork by Mori Masayuki.

250+ pages, ~B5 format, risograph printed by Cold Cube Press in Seattle, with deluxe soft touch covers.

All works are copyright their respective authors. Additionally, the original Japanese works “Spring Has Come” (「ハルはきにけり」、森泉岳土) and “For Sleepless Nights” (「眠られぬ夜のために」、山川直人) are copyright KADOKAWA. “Watching the House” (「るすばん」、奥田亜紀子) and “The Death of Tokutomi Juko” (「徳富重耕の死」、川勝徳重) are copyright LEED.