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Garden Comrades: A Queer Community Garden Oracle Deck and Guidebook by Yasi Shaker


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Garden Comrades: A Queer Community Garden Oracle Deck

The 44 cards and associated guidebook feature unique characters, represented by garden organisms who embody change in their ways of being. The characters are intentionally funny, quirky, punny, witty, and endearing, in order to counteract some of the heaviness that conversations regarding systemic injustice and suffering often bring on. As these characters emerged and made themselves known to us, we sought to channel the wisdom of these creatures into a form that is both accessible and personal. This piece of art comes from two queer authors who live in the diaspora and explore their own relationships to identity, body, community, food, and land throughout the writing. We present you with these gender-fucked, juicy, wise, and flawed characters in hopes that it can serve you as a liberatory tool.