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Fungirl: Vulva Viking by Elizabeth Pich

Fungirl: Vulva Viking by Elizabeth Pich

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First printing of 3,000 has a holographic foil cover🗡️

Fungirl is turning her life around!

She's got a new job slinging corndogs, and snagged a date with a handsome influencer.

But when things get steamy, her pelvic pumps prove a little too powerful.

Is Fungirl truly a murderous muff monster, or could her newfound strength save the day?


"Awkward, biting, shameless, wildly improper, aroused, maybe even dangerous—these are just a few ways to describe Fungirl, the genial always outrageous protagonist." – Publishers Weekly


Comic book; 48 full-color pages; 6" x 8.5";
ISBN: 979-8-88620-007-2

Contains sexual themes, violence, and general ludicrousness

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