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Filth & Grammar: The Comic Book Editor's (Secret) Handbook by Shelley Bond with Imogen Mangle and Laura Hole


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FILTH & GRAMMAR is Shelly's 160-page magnum opus, a step-by-step guide to making comic books from cover to cover with artists LAURA HOLE, IMOGEN MANGLE & SOFIE DODGSON. It's the first time Bond reveals the alchemy and method to her editorial madness. And it's the first comic book "how-to" by a comic book editor!

Learn the nuts and bolts of making comics from an editor who's worked for over 3 decades in comic book companies great and small, including a 22-year run at DC Comics' Vertigo line, where she rose in rank from assistant editor/ingenue to VP-Executive Editor, editing fan favorite titles FABLES, THE SANDMAN, SCENE OF THE CRIME, BITE CLUB, BODIES, FAKER, THE INVISIBLES, and more. Bond also spent three years as creator and master control of Black Crown, IDW's "indie record label" imprint that merged music and comics, including PUNKS NOT DEAD, KID LOBOTOMY, ASSASSINISTAS, and EVE STRANGER.