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Famous Aspect Magazine: Akiko Tsuji x Frolic & Detour


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The first of FAMOUS ASPECT’s Artist x Artist series: AKIKO TSUJI x FROLIC & DETOUR.

This series brings together two creators from different fields with the aim to show a new or third expression. We believe that this juxtaposition will expand the understanding and appreciation of each creator’s work individually and as a whole. The book features Akiko Tsuji’s hand-built ceramic works with Anabel Lee’s cookies and thrusts the combination into an alluring universe of texture, flavors and perspectives. Where does the texture of a birthday cake sprinkle cookie end and the glazed finish of scalloped ceramic plate start? As these creations rub against one another and merge, so do our senses.

7.5 x 9.63 inches, 44 pages plus cover. Printed 4/4. Saddle stitched.

Published by Famous Aspect.