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Ex.Mag vol. 1 "CYBERPUNK: Full Metal Dreamland" from PEOW Press

Peow Studio

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184 pages / 14 cm x 20 cm / 2 color

The first issue of a new comic anthology series from Peow— exploring cyberpunk, paranormal romance, and dark fantasy

 This issue is CYBERPUNK.  

In the forward of William Gibson’s, Burning Chrome, Bruce Sterling describes the collection of shorts as a “combination of lowlife and high tech.” 

Sophia Foster Dimino  Giannis Milonogiannis  Connor Willumsen •  Jonathan Djob Nkondo  Wren McDonald  Tonči Zonjić  Kelly K  Mushbuh  Freddy Carrasco

Published by Peow Studio.


Size: 165mm X 210mm (6.5in X 8.3in)

Color: Interiors are printed with a Pantone spot color, hand picked for each issue, with sections that have a second spot color. The first issue will use Black and Lime Green (Pantone 375 U)

Paper: We're printing it on one of our favorite pulpy papers to capture the feel of chunky monthly manga publications that were a big inspiration for us when creating the mag. It's a groundwood paper from Denmark that we've been using the past few years in a lot of our books and its perfect for this book!