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Elvis and Daisy by Shawn Kuruneru

Elvis and Daisy by Shawn Kuruneru

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Two robots who have lost their programming have found friendship.

Elvis and Daisy by Shawn Kuruneru collects a series of comics starring two robots who don’t remember where they came from. Elvis, a small robot with a guitar, and Daisy, a larger robot with plants growing out of their back are the only friends each other have on a mysterious tropical island. Together they will search for hidden treasures, and care for each other.

Shawn builds a beautifully drawn, and lighthearted adventure in friendship at the end of the world. Mystery and magic swirl around these short stories, which will entertain readers of any age!



DIMENSIONS 5.25 × 8 in
COVER Full Color
INTERIOR Black & White
BINDING Perfect Bound

Self published by the artist

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