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Dragon Ball Zine: A Fan Anthology by PeePeeCrew

Dragon Ball Zine: A Fan Anthology by PeePeeCrew

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This year the PP Crew brings you the best Fanzine at TCAF 2024, Dragon Ball Zine! A 40 page, three color riso-graph zine in honor of the late and great Akira Toriyama. His work inspired generations of people around the world, join us as this years collection of amazing comic creators and illustrators share our love for Toriyama.

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Featuring the works of:

Rebecca Mock / Mook
Megan Brennan
Lis Xu
Sara Goetter
Carey Pietsch
Kelly K
Jean Fhilippe
Jenn Woodall
Simon Sweetman
Eric Kubli
Shashank Mani
Dylan Magwood
Sam Omand
Evi Tampold
Dashawn Mahone
Jean Demers
Connor Immonen
Drew Shannon

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