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Dirty Diamonds #5: Comics

Dirty Diamonds #5: Comics

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Dirty Diamonds #5: Comics is a collection of stories about the best, worst, and first experiences with comics. Cover art by Carey Pietsch. Published Spring 2014.

Featuring over 100 pages of comics by more than 30 creators representing 6 different countries.

Here is the complete list of contributors to Dirty Diamonds #5: Comics:

Alexis Cooke
Alison Wilgus
Ann Uland
Anne Mondeel
Ashley Austin
Carey Pietsch
Claire Folkman
Crystal Jayme (Scotty)
Crystal Kan
Cyn Why
Denise Clamors
Dre Grigoropol
Faye Stacey
Jackie Huskisson
Jenny McKeon
Jillian Fleck
Julie Mills
Kelly Froh
Kelly Phillips
Miranda Harmon
Mouna Toure
Nicole Rodrigues
Patsy Chen
Sage Coffey
Sara Goetter
Silvia Carrus
Stevie Wilson
Tamara Ansing
Vicky Leta
Win Evans
Yao Xiao
Yui Wei Tan

 Published by Dirty Diamonds.

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