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Digital Pre-Order: THE COLLECTED CRIMEHOT: VOLUME 1 by Alec Robbins

Digital Pre-Order: THE COLLECTED CRIMEHOT: VOLUME 1 by Alec Robbins

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  • 352 B&W pages
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A sexy sci-fi comedy about the three hottest criminals in the universe.

Haze: shapeshifter/galaxy’s greatest thief.
Blue Lick: catman/brawny getaway driver.
Rat: angel/bombshell hacker.

In a future where humanity was guided by an all-knowing Algorithm to leave Earth behind and colonize the depths of outer space, our three hot thieves plan heists that can’t be predicted by unfeeling computer code. Always on their tail is Inspector Hundred Cold, one of the Algorithm's robot lackeys built to serve the machine-made status quo that our heroes simply can't resist toying with.

A hilarious and erotic send-up of cat-and-mouse crime capers by the cartoonist who brought you Mr. Boop! THE COLLECTED CRIMEHOT: VOL. 1 includes the series’ first five chapters, packaged with a “slip” cover that can be easily removed to reveal naked drawings. We highly recommend this.


“While the mainstream progressively replaces genuine taste with corporate algorithms, starving artists with untalented computers, and transgressive sexual expression with shamey cishet sexless fear smut, the book you are holding is an immaculate holy salve. As a fellow IP bandit and pervert, Alec's art has always been a source of inspiration for me and Crimehot is his best work to date.” – Vera Drew, The People’s Joker


Release date: 11/20/24; Mature readers only, 18+

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