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PDF Download: PeePee PooPoo #69 by Caroline Cash

PDF Download: PeePee PooPoo #69 by Caroline Cash

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🏆 2022 Ignatz Award Winner for Outstanding Minicomic! 🧱

Indie powerhouse Caroline Cash's take on the classic ‘60s underground comic!

Discover the dirty secrets of higher education in “Art School Confidential.” Compare hand sizes in the queer meet-cute “One Beer.” It's a real peepee poopoo world out there.

Also check out: PeePee PooPoo #420, PeePee PooPoo #80085, and PeePee PooPoo #1.


"When Clowes started Eightball, it was a conscious and highly confident redirection from what he had been doing before. You could tell that this was a cartoonist who was hitting his stride. The same is true for Cash with PeePee PooPoo. As much as she’s laughing at outdated comics conventions and attitudes and uses that as an initial hook, the real value of these comics is seeing how confidently she goes from memoir to slice-of-life to absurdist humor to observational comics." – Rob Clough, SOLRAD

"The energy Cash brings to her comics is palpable, but her more relaxed moments shine the brightest, giving us the rare comic that actually manages to feel cool." – The Comics Journal

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