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PDF Download: My Stupid Life by Mitch Clem

PDF Download: My Stupid Life by Mitch Clem

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Portrait of the artist as a punk in his twenties—a dirtbag, a pervert, a wreck. A geek, obsessed with comics and music. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe. You’ll wish you couldn’t relate. You’ll crank the volume all the way up and annoy the neighbors.

This is a compendium of Mitch Clem's 2006-2013 run of hilarious, cult-adored autobiographical comics. It collects the complete archives of My Stupid Life, its predecessor, San Antonio Rock City, and more.

Welcome to My Stupid Life.


“Mitch Clem is punk rock comics royalty and we’re lucky that he also happens to be the court jester. His autobio comics are some of my favorite of all time, so having them all collected in one volume is a blessing upon his loyal subjects.” – Liz Prince, Tomboy

“There are a lot of comics about punk rock. Some of them are drawn really well, but done by posers. Some of them are done by real punks, but they are very poorly drawn. Mitch manages to hit the perfect balance of actually knowing what he is talking about, and being able to draw it really well. He is really good at telling an emotional story without feeling self-indulgent. He’s not always the hero of his own story, which provides an honesty, humor and realness that most other 'punk' comics can’t touch.” – Ben Snakepit

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