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Demons: Bloodlust by Hyena Hell

Demons: Bloodlust by Hyena Hell

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Hell is exactly as you imagine it: a bloated bureaucracy of tedious procedures and arbitrary rules! Here, infernal incubus Skud enjoys a much more luxurious life than his pit demon sibling, Bug. But when his repeated rule-breaking gets him in trouble with his boss, the only way out of a permanent demotion is a simple vampire-slaying mission up on Earth. (Turns out, the paper-pushers in hell aren't big fans of the loopholes that vampires create). Enlisting the aid of his more violent sibling, the two embark on what should be a fairly straightforward mission... unless of course, it’s not.

120 b&w pages; 6” x 9” paperback; ISBN 978-1-945509-97-1; SRP: $13.99; Release date: 10/26/22

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