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Dekopon! Magazine Issue #3: A Project by Superorange

Dekopon! Magazine Issue #3: A Project by Superorange

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"dekopon is the name of a cultivar of orange that is like a large tangerine -- easy to peel, easy to share, and easy to love. 

oranges have long been a symbol of quiet love and friendship... by channeling all that is fun, fruity, and fresh, we hope to find meaningful ways to connect with one another.

through this publication, we are exploring art and fashion through the lens of love and craftsmanship with a strong focus on versatility and longevity. we want to foster a loving relationship between person and garment while contending with our nostalgia for icons of consumerism.

we are an independent publication trying to maintain low costs for our readers; all merch sales go towards expenses like shipping supplies, equipment, and paying taxes. we are also run by creatives of varying backgrounds; many of us are people of color, queer, and disabled. we are committed to maintaining this magazine as a financially accessible and inclusive project as best we can."

8.5" x 11"
100 pages, full color
perfect binding

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