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CULT OF THE IBIS by Daria Tessler

Floating World Comics

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CULT OF THE IBIS back in print! Originally published by Fantagraphics Underground in 2019, Floating World is proud to reprint the instant sellout in paperback.

This almost silent comic tells the story of an amateur alchemist and getaway driver for a bank heist. When the holdup goes wrong he finds himself with a bag full of hot cash, orders a build-your-own homunculus kit, and goes on the run. Tessler’s dense and detailed drawings pull the reader into a nightmare world inspired by film noir.

Daria Tessler is a cartoonist and printmaker based in Portland, OR. Her books include Cult of the Ibis, Accursed, and Music of Changes. She also creates silkscreen prints, stationary and more via her website


216 pages, B&W
8.5" x 11"


Published by Floating World Comics