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Cuckoo by Joe Sparrow

Cuckoo by Joe Sparrow

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Dorothy Weaver is an anxious 19-year old still living at home with her mother and failing a vocational art course when memories of a mysterious childhood event start resurfacing. Something about a meteor in the garden… Now, she and others have begun manifesting strange powers.

Are these powers a gift or a curse? Psychic phenomenon or mass delusion? Either way, Dorothy is changing - but into what?

224 pages, full colour, perfect-bound with French-flap, spot-gloss cover

"In Cuckoo, coming-of-age anxieties and reality bending superpowers feel equally believable, thanks to an attention to detail which makes the fantastical feel utterly relatable. Joe Sparrow has given us a personal and touching portrait of a young person on the brink of adulthood, with some of the tightest and most spectacular cartooning you're ever likely to see." Luke Pearson, author of the Hilda comics

Published by Short Box.

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