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CRIMEHOT #4 by Alec Robbins

CRIMEHOT #4 by Alec Robbins

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CRIMEHOT is about hot thieves in a crazy future where the human race is overseen by an all-knowing Algorithm. Bleed Cusser and his hardened gang of thieves will do whatever it takes to dismantle the Algorithm. And they're DEFINITELY the main characters. Nobody else is going to get in their way and mess things up, that's for sure.

This is THE FOURTH BOOK. It's more than TWICE AS LONG as the third entry and EVEN SEXIER so if you like those two things then this is for you.

Grit your teeth and barrel into the dark and unforgiving fourth chapter of CRIMEHOT, an on-going sexy sci-fi caper comedy by Alec Robbins (creator of the Ignatz Award-winning MR. BOOP.)

CRIMEHOT #4 is 110 pages.


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