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Transvestia Issue #6: Finding Community

Transvestia Issue #6: Finding Community

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Mission Statement:

1. To provide REPRESENTATION for those identified in the trans and nonbinary community.

2. To provide INFORMATION to those who, through ignorance, condemn that which they do not understand.

3. To provide EDUCATION for those who see evil where none exists.

Excerpt (Letter from the editor):

Transvestia Issue 6: Finding Community is an average issue, despite less submissions that usual, with only four submissions totalling two poems, and two personal articles/stories. This issue also includes a new featured Trans Creative, and a new Queer Fashion article, along with the basic articles of Trans Dressing/Passing Tips, Media Summaries, and Book/Movie Recommendations. It is also re-introducing the Tips on Transphobia article with a more personal and topical touch. This issue explored how trans and nonbinary people of all kinds have found their communities, whether trans-specific or not, and their struggles in finding these communities. Some articles explore what it means to belong, our generational histories, and the complexity of online communities. It is certainly an interesting read for trans/nonbinary and cis people alike, we all can relate to these stories. I really hope you enjoy it and share!

It's 31 pages total, excluding front and back covers.

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