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Sweaty Palms vol. 2: The Anthology About Anxiety edited by Sage Coffey

Sweaty Palms vol. 2: The Anthology About Anxiety edited by Sage Coffey

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Sweaty Palms vol. 2, edited by Sage Coffey collects 45 short comics about anxiety by an international roster of cartoonists! Each comic is heart-felt and personal from the artists. The power of such a large and varied collection is to see common threads of issues and treatments, and at the same time seeing how unique each person’s experiences are.

This collection is a great read for folks who are looking to feel not so alone in their anxiety, and for folks who do not live with anxiety to understand and empathize more.

Contributions by:

Clara Jetsmark, Luke Kruger-Howard, Peony Gent, Sam King, Sloane Kim, Luchie, Shelby Criswell, Rii Abrego, Annemarie Rogers, November Garcia, G.C. Mulk, Sfé R. Monster, Diigii Daguna, Enrique Guerra, Amy Scott, Miles Honey, Barbawk, Jon Mastantuono, Kelly Bastow, Katie Graziano, Brian A. Prince, Lime Robertson, Ally Shwed, Tasha Mukanik, Danielle Kogan, Alex Graudins, Bianca Xunise, Shan Murphy, Vicky Leta, Jon Marchione, Querelle P., Thomas Turner, J.B. Roe, Meredith Park, Maria B. Carvalho, Alex Nall, Julieta Colás, Jen Sandwich, Kevin Rust Macaraeg, Kelly Phillips, Ahmara Smith, Stefani Vlusha, Liz Yerby, Alivia Horsely, Stephanie Rodriguez,


COVER Full Color
INTERIOR Black & White
BINDING Perfect Bound
ISBN 9780578502069

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