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Proof That the Devil Loves You by Gilbert Hernandez

Fantagraphics Books

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This book presents three Fritz B-movies: one all-new, two revised and expanded from their initial comic book run. The titular story is a fable set in a world very reminiscent of Palomar. Then, Fritz plays an “astronette” on an existential mission through space.
Three Fritz B-movies: one is entirely new, while two of the tales are expanded from their original appearances in the ongoing Love and Rockets comic book series. The titular story, “Proof That the Devil Loves You,” is a fable about a free spirit, Bula, played by Fritz. Something strange is going on in a town very reminiscent of Palomar. Gisel and Kiki are determined to understand why the hamlet’s residents are acting so foolishly — is it something in the air? And why can’t Gisel leave? But when there’s a violent turn, evidence points toward the supernatural. Then, Fritz plays the role of an “astronette” on an existential journey through space.

Proof That the Devil Loves You is the latest in a series of graphic novels featuring Gilbert Hernandez’s character Fritz, a B-movie actress (and half-sister to his iconic Love and Rockets character, Luba) whose hourglass figure has earned her a cult following. While Gilbert often explores Fritz’s troubled life off-screen in Love and Rockets, for years he has also been “adapting” her exploitation films in various forms, including a series of standalone graphic novels that include Chance in Hell, The Troublemakers, Garden of the Flesh, Maria M., and Hypnotwist/Scarlet By Starlight.

96 Pages
ISBN-13: 9781683967699

Published by Fantagraphics.