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Con Papá by Frederick Luis Aldama, Illustrated by Nicky Rodriguez

Con Papá by Frederick Luis Aldama, Illustrated by Nicky Rodriguez

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“A lovely bilingual picture book about the support of a father and how this endless support helps a child gain confidence to soar.” —Selenia Paz, School Library Journal

“A heartfelt, playful, and culturally rich celebration of fatherhood through a Latinx lens.” —Daniel A. Olivas, Los Angeles Review of Books (Read his interview with Frederick Aldama)

“With Papá, ‘I hold galaxies in my arms,’ the child tells us, and in these moving words, Aldama conveys the limitless boundaries of affection. In these vivid, lush images, we witness a father’s love fostering a child’s infinite imagination to soar.” —Cristina Herrera, Latinx Spaces

¡Con papá todo es posible! Con ilustraciones divertidas e imágenes ricas, este amable libro bilingüe para las edades de 3–8 celebra a los padres, les niñes y la identidad Latinx mientras lleva a los lectores en un viaje de crecimiento y descubrimiento de la niñez. Desde la entrega de las alas del dios serpiente a los brazos seguros de Papá hasta presenciar el tapiz mágico de las estrellas, Con Papá / With Papá nos muestra el mundo a través de los ojos de une niñe, de la mano de Papá, hasta que estén listos para emprender sus propias aventuras.

With Papá, anything is possible! With playful illustrations and rich imagery, this gentle bilingual story for ages 3–8 celebrates fathers, children, and Latinx identity as it takes readers on a childhood journey of growth and discovery. From delivery from the serpent god’s wings to Papá’s safe arms to witnessing the magical tapestry of stars, Con Papá / With Papá shows us the world through a child’s eyes, hand in hand with Papá, until they are ready to set off on their own adventures.

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