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Cicadas: A Comics Anthology by Riley Gale


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Before he passed away in 2020, Power Trip vocalist Riley Gale had been trying to put together a compilation of comics from his favorite artists and friends in the music community, in hopes of selling it at Power Trip’s merch table on tour. The pandemic waylaid his plans, but Lockin’ Out Records picked up where he left off, and nearly three years later they’ve released Riley Gale Presents: Cicadas, a full color 120-page book featuring comics from Anya Davidson, Chris Wilson and Jason Tarpey, Dylan Chadwick, JB Roe and Aubrey Sitterson, Joseph Kelly, Josh Bayer, Josh Simmons, Lale Westvind, Lando, Lane Milburn, Marc Bell, Nick Kucway, Stathis Tsemberlidis, and Stellar Leuna, and cover art by Ken Fontaine. See the front and back covers, and take a look inside, below.