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Children of Mu-Town by Masumura Jūshichi

Children of Mu-Town by Masumura Jūshichi

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Stylistically intermingling themes of gentrification and rebirth within the setting of a classic yakuza crime drama, Children of Mu-Town follows the course charted by youths of an aging residential housing complex who are struggling for their lives: burdened by financial issues, peer pressure, and uncertain futures, ensnared in the clutches of organized crime, they are searching for a way to survive. When a municipal renovation project seems to offer a future of stability for their dilapidated town, the mysterious and far-reaching consequences that their actions set into motion may leave Juichi and his friends with no option but annihilation…..

A stunning modern “tenement masterpiece” manga, Mu-Town is a story of small town gang intimidation, escalating immigration tensions, political intrigue, and the yearning desperation of youth.

A5 format, soft touch covers and a sewn otabinding.
ISBN 978-1-953629-03-6
208 pages, offset B/W printing with color covers.

Published by Glacier Bay Books

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