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Cheotnalbamm by Hong Ida


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‘Cheotnalbamm’ refers to the first night of wedding in Korean.
‘Cheotnalbamm(첫날밤)’은 한국어로 결혼식의 첫 번째 밤을 뜻합니다. 

Art book ‘Cheotnalbamm’ incorporates the format of opening the inside of the book using the structural idea of a Matryoshka (Russian) Doll.
'Cheotnalbamm'은 마트료시카 인형의 구조적 아이디어와 책의 내지가 열리는 형식을 접목시킨 아트북입니다. 
On the first night of the wedding, starting with the wedding dress, the bride is undressed slowly revealing multiple layers one by one. 
This art book depicts the appearance of a charming, but shy bride.
With each layer revealing a more bashful appearance in a witty manner through the structural form of a Matryoshka Doll.