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Chad In Amsterdam by Chad Bilyeu

Chad In Amsterdam by Chad Bilyeu

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All six issues of Chad Bilyeu’s critically acclaimed autobiographical series, Chad in Amsterdam, in a prestigious hardcover format!

Follow Chad as he charts his experiences as an American living in Amsterdam, moving past the city’s tourist facade to somthing more real underneath.

Featuring art by: Bernie Mireault • Boyane Zelechowski • Dan Meth • Dany Modesto Rodriguez • Denis Galocha • Dotsy • DroL • Eryc Why • Gary Dumm • Iris van der Heijden • Iva Spasojevic • Jared Boggess • Juliette de Wit • Kim DeMåne • Lae Schäfer • Lera Ryazanceva • Lorenzo Milito • Merel Barends • Rachelle Meyer • Sean van der Meulen • Vince Ruarus • Will Robson

Hard Cover, B & W interiors, 246mm x 168mm

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