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Chad In Amsterdam #6 by Chad Bilyeu

Chad In Amsterdam #6 by Chad Bilyeu

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After spending a decade in Washington, DC, native-Clevelander Chad Bilyeu emigrated to the Netherlands. He has been residing in Amsterdam since 2009, looking for something different but not certain precisely what. This is the tale of an obstinate autodidact in one of the world’s most infamous places. Amsterdam is a city that most know of but do not know much about. This comic book is a portrait of a diverse metropolis as presented by a man destined to live there.

The star-studded sixth issue of Chad in Amsterdam features guest appearances from Shalamar, Brad Pitt, and Billy Ocean (seriously). Learn what really goes on in bathrooms. Witness the effect one film has had on a particular coffeeshop. Get burnt out in the best possible fashion with Chad and a bunch of blond Dutch women. Big ting!

Artists in issue #06 online:
Boyane One: (FR/KR)
Dan Meth: (US/NL)
Sean van der Meulen: (NL)
Jared Boggess: (US)

6.625" x 10.25", 28 pages
Full-color cover with b+w interior

Published by Bistro Books

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