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Carl's Large Story!! by Marcos Pérez

Carl's Large Story!! by Marcos Pérez

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Reverse-language laser beams, elbow jewelry, incompetent french-canadian private eyes, and vampire Tom Jones…Carl’s Large Story is awesome.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now, Carl is the awesome. This little dinosaur with a beaver tale has got the best vest and the ladies love him. His two bands, the Super Sicks and the Deepest Playas are two of the most popular bands in the world, and he and his best friend, Bill$ Murray have just opened up a super awesome orphanage.

When Carl decides to clean up his home town of Atlantic City, NJ by running for mayor, though, he crosses the rich, powerful and evil Mort Gage, and things become very much not the awesome, very fast. Carl is set up and has to clear his name, while Bill$’s presumed dead biological parents turn out to be alive, and the target of Mort Gage’s next evil plan! Will Carl and Bill$ efforts to save the day ruin their friendship??!!!

Marcos Pérez winds an epic road-trip adventure in Carl’s Large Story populated with a cast of lovable characters, and is full of puns and delightfully dumb jokes. The story never takes itself too seriously, so you can’t help but enjoy Carl’s total and sincere assumption that he is the best at everything he does. Marcos never lifts his feet off the gas pedal, and you wont want to miss a beat!


WEIGHT 13.5 oz
DIMENSIONS 7.5 × 9.25 × .5 in
COVER Full Color
INTERIOR Black & White
BINDING Perfect Bound
ISBN 9780615536781

Self published by the artist

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