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Bubbles Fanzine #6

Bubbles Fanzine

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Bubbles #6 is 44 pages long, black and white, and includes:

- Interview with Ben Marra by Dash Shaw
- PLUS: Insert with 6 pages of an UNRELEASED Ben Marra comic called 'Our Lord, My Master'
- Interview with Darlene the Artist by Excellent Strategy Manuals
- Interview with Harry Fluks of INDUCKS
- Art by David James, Jasper Jubenvill, Carlos Gonzalez Boy
- Essay on Jack Kirby's Collages by James "Astral Eyes" Weigel
- Manga Reviews by The Manga Hoarder, Laura Cheesman
- What We Mean By Yesterday Review by Jeff Alford
- Ebay Finds
- Comic Reviews
- Letters to Bubbles
- More?!?!


Published by Bubbles Fanzine