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Bubbles Fanzine #2

Bubbles Fanzine

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Issue #2 - May 2019 - 36 pages B&W

- Letters page
- Sammy Harkham interview, we discuss the history of his comics anthology Kramers Ergot
- M. Thomas Inge, I talk with the 82 year old scholar about comics throughout the years, his work, living through the comics code, and how comics entered the academic world
- Katharine Gates interview, we chat over her publishing company Gates of Heck and the adventures it took her on releasing some wonderful books
- Original 1 page comics by Rellie Brewer, Harrison Stewart, and Jordan Chu
- More short essays about comic book artifacts on Ebay
- Comics you should read (reviews of contemporary comics)
- In-depth look at the translation of a Druillet comic and how different publishers handle his work
- A deep look into the history of Thel's hair, the mom from Bil Keane's The Family Circus


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