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Bitter Sweet by Gordon Shaw

Bitter Sweet by Gordon Shaw

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CW: Cancer, death, mental health

Bittersweet is a book about living with an inoperable, incurable brain tumour. Comic artist Gordon Shaw imagines heated conversation with his tumour, Rick, in this funny and moving autobiographical work. Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, Bittersweet is a vibrant and important piece of comic literature.

Look out for Long Live My Happy Head, a documentary following Gordon's story by Bafta-winning Edinburgh filmmakers Melt The Fly.

This book is perfect-bound and sustainably riso printed in Scotland, using rice-based inks on recycled paper. 


From the author: 

"Living with your probable death ain’t an easy thing to do.
Certainly when the doctors don’t have any discernible knowledge
of exactly when it’ll happen.
But if they did, I’d probably forget.

I have an inoperable and incurable brain tumour.

Since being diagnosed back in 2012 I have created a few zines
that look at my friends and family around me. However, BITTERSWEET
is where I have pushed myself to bare my inner thoughts
and emotions on these most difficult years.

But with much needed moments of dark humour too."

Published by Out of the Blueprint.

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