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Ballyhoo Book One by Teddie Bernard

Ballyhoo Book One by Teddie Bernard

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While traveling to a new city to see the opening of her new play, The Bally Girl, writer Oretta Adams stumbles back into communication with two old friends. Marjorie Miller, previously an unruly and gay circus performer, has now settled into her role as a classic mid-century American housewife,  much to Oretta’s surprise. Evelyn Gold, on the other hand, has transformed her entertainment skills from the trio’s carnie days into a successful career in Portapolis’ lesbian bar scene.  Evelyn and Marjorie, once lovers, no longer have contact with each other. Oretta finds herself tiptoeing across the city, trying to keep Marjorie and Evelyn apart while hiding her own secrets about what really brought her to Portapolis in the first place. 

Everything is bound to come out, especially when opening night of The Bally Girl gets closer everyday. Good intentions, unfortunately, can only go so far.

Ballyhoo — Book One is the newest queer-noir story from cartoonist Teddie Bernard.

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